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Remington Steele Fan Fiction


 DISCLAIMER: These stories are a work of fiction. Albeit bad ones. The characters of Remington Steele, Laura Holt, Mildred Krebbs, et al, MTM, National Broadcasting Company and everything else affiliated with the show actually ARE owned by me and I am making a gazillion dollars from them. No, wait a sec, I was just smoking some bad crack again…………no infringement intended. But i really do hold the rights to Pierce........seriously.........I do. WHY ARE YOU ALL LAUGHING AT ME?!?!?!?!?!?!

 Steele Being SillyNC17
 Laura gets euphoric taking a case on her own and has Steele wondering about her mental well being

           "Laura," Remington began, "I don't think this is such a good idea."

             "Shhhhhh." countered Laura. "We just need to get in.…. aha!" With that declaration Laura and Remington entered into a suite at the Royale.

       "What's gotten into to Miss Holt?" Remington asked himself silently, "She hasn't quite been herself lately."
Remington quietly closed the door to the suite while Laura made a beeline for the desk in the study area, and shuffled around the mound of papers located on the desk.
"Laura, just what the hell has gotten into you woman?" Remington had seen Laura throw herself headfirst and headstrong into cases before but not with such reckless abandon as with this one. "Trask is still in the hotel." Jack Trask was the man who occupied the suite Laura was so thoroughly searching.
"Just one more minute…there!" Laura was sweeping her hand under the desk and came upon the key taped underneath. Laura ripped it out from under the desk," this is it!"
"That's it? A simple key? Laura, really, is that all we came for?"
"Absolutely Mr. Steele. This isn't just any key you see. This is what Jane Addison paid us 75,000 dollars to recover!" Remington stood by the desk with his mouth open. Laura has never been one to take a case simply for the money he thought. As he stood there musing they heard a rattle at the door.
They both shot looks in that direction and Remington grabbed Laura by the arm and made a mad dash to the double doors that they had passed through moments earlier. Just as they pressed their backs against the wall the door swung open and Jack Trask entered his room. As Trask closed the door he laid down his briefcase on a chair and went straight to the bathroom. As soon as Laura and Remington heard water run, they opened the door and made their hasty exit.
Back at the office Laura swung the door open to Remington Steele Investigations and sang out to Mildred, "Mildred would you please call Mrs. Addison and tell her I would like to deliver something to her please." Laura continued into Mr. Steele’s office. Remington had entered just as Laura shut the door to his office.
"Ms. Krebs, have you noticed anything unusual about our Miss Holt lately?" Remington sat on the corner of Mildred’s desk.
"As a matter of fact chief, she has been a little giddy lately."
"Giddy? She's been downright school girlish."
"Aw boss, what's wrong with that? I haven't seen Miss Holt in this good of a mood for this long ever."
"I don't know Mildred, something's up and I intend to get to the bottom of Miss Holt’s euphoria." Remington rose from the desk and began to walk towards his office.
"Chief" Mildred began, as she picked up the phone "don't bring her down too much. I like it when she's happy." With that Mildred began to dial the phone.
"Wouldn't dream of it." Remington replied, mostly to himself.
As he opened the door he noticed Laura had sat down on the couch, kicked her heels off and was holding the key up looking at it in one hand while holding a glass of scotch in the other. Remington approached her and stood by the couch with a disapproving look on his face. "Laura, just what is this all about?"
Laura took a swig of her beverage and just then Remington removed the glass from her hand. "Miss Holt! Drinking! On the clock. This is terribly out of character."
"Don't spoil the moment Mr. Steele. Can't you see I am enjoying the fruits of our labors?"
"Yes. I can. That's what bothers me." Remington sat down beside Laura, pushing the glass completely out of Laura’s reach.
"Why does it bother you? I haven't been that out of character have I?" Laura lowered the key and looked at Remington as she addressed him.
"You've been late every day this week Laura. I haven't been able to reach you at your loft and after you're reckless abandon today I just wonder what has gotten into you. You didn't even tell me about this case! Had I not seen you getting out of your rabbit outside the Royale as Fred was bringing me back here, I wouldn't have known about it period."
Laura placed a hand on his cheek good-naturedly. "I am sorry I didn't inform you about this case but ever since Mrs. Addison asked me to get this back I have been going nonstop. Listen I haven't taken a case by myself since, well for quite a while now. I guess I just got my adrenaline pumping. That's why I haven't been myself lately."
Remington looked at Laura, "Well I was just worried maybe you had gotten in over your head with something. Asking for my help isn't something your adept at you know." Laura smiled and began to speak when Mildred knocked on the door and entered.
" I spoke with Mrs. Addison Miss Holt. She said she would expect you sometime today."
"Thank you Mildred." as Mildred shut the door Laura looked at Remington "Well after today I will be back to the same boring business like Laura we have all grown to love."
"Laura you can never be boring." Remington leaned in to give her a gentle kiss. Laura kissed him back, with a little more aggression than usual.
"Well I had better get over to Mrs. Addison’s." Laura stood up.
"Do you need my help?"
"No. But thanks just the same. Call me tonight if you want to do something OK?"
"Promise to be home?" Remington chided.
"Yes. It's Friday and I am back to being boring." with that Laura walked out of his office. Remington sat back on the couch and thought to himself that maybe he did like Laura’s new attitude. She was terribly sexy when she was spunky. "Till tonight Miss Holt." he said to himself.

At 3:30 Remington decided he had enough time at work and was ready to leave the office. Passing through his door into the reception area he looked at Mildred, "I'm knocking off early today Mildred, what say you do the same, eh."
"Great Mr. Steele. The romance book club is meeting at my house tonight and I haven't gotten a thing ready. Is Miss Holt coming back?" Mildred began to power down her computer and gather her things.
"Doubtful Mildred. I think Laura has had enough of the office till Monday." Remington walked to the door and Mildred was soon to follow turning off all the lights.
"OK Chief, you didn't talk her down from her high I see. She was so happy she almost skipped right out of the office."
"Well you and I both know Miss Holt has a mind of her own. I don't think she'll listen to either of us in her condition." Steele held the door open for Mildred and followed her out. Mildred quickly locked the doors and they both headed to the elevator.

Remington had just gotten out of the shower when his phone rang. "Steele here."
"Ah Mr. Steele." chimed Laura’s voice.
"Ah Miss Holt. To what do I owe this pleasure, eh?" Remington continued to towel his hair dry.
"Well I know it's early still but I just wanted to call you and ask if I could come over. I am getting ready to leave Mrs. Addison’s. I was planning to swing by the loft real quick to change."
"Laura really, you know you are welcome anytime. No need to ask."
"How kind of you Mr. Steele. Before I forget, do you need me to pick anything up? Have you eaten? I could get take-out."
"Actually yes that would be good. Didn't feel much like cooking tonight anyway. How about something from FooYee‘s, eh? Perhaps you could pick up some beverage as well. Whatever you are in the mood for is fine with me." Remington slipped on a pair of boxers.
"Absolutely Mr. Steele. I’ll see you shortly." After hearing a click Remington hung up the phone and continued getting dressed. He paused though, thinking that he might pick out something he would think Laura would like too see him in. He settled on a pair of jeans and a dark blue long sleeved silk shirt he got from Harrods not too long back.
It was a short time later when the buzzer for the door went off. Steele walked out of the kitchen where he had been getting plates ready to answer it. "Come in Miss Holt come in." Laura entered with her hands full. "Let me help you."
"You're too kind Mr. Steele." Laura followed Remington into the kitchen and sat the wine down on the island counter. Laura walked over to Remington and up on her tiptoes gave him a peck on the cheek. Remington was pleasantly surprised as he bent down a little to accept.
"Full of surprises tonight I see Miss Holt. What have we got here?"
"Just your run of the mill everyday Chinese take out. General tsao’s, sweet and sour chicken, steam rice, fried rice," Laura continued to unload the food from the bag onto the counter," happy family, shrimp with lobster sauce and the piece de resistance, fortune cookies."
"My my Laura, you've enough here for days." Secretly Remington was pleased Laura had lost none of her spunk from earlier in the day. He watched as Laura filled their plates to overfilling with the food. Remington began to open the wine. "So how did your meeting with Mrs. Addison go?"
Without looking up from her task Laura replied, "Fantastic. She was so grateful to get the key back. She is leaving for Europe tonight a very happy woman,"
Remington finished pouring the glasses full of Merlot, "I think we have another happy woman to contend with tonight also." Laura began to blush. "I must admit that I do enjoy seeing you so happy, so carefree. Is this a taste of the Acapulco Laura, hmm? A bit of the old fun Laura?"
Laura laughed. The laugh that made Remington smiles every time he heard it. "I'm afraid that part of me might be to far left behind to ever recover. However," Laura stepped closer to Remington, "I might be as close to that Laura right now as I'll ever be." Laura moved in to kiss Remington and began to put her arms around his waist. The kiss was passionate. Enough so that Remington had to clear his throat afterwards before he could speak.
"Let's eat shall we?" Remington and Laura moved into the dining room and settled in. The conversation was light with Remington asking Laura questions that kept her smiling and laughing. She revealed bits and pieces about her old self that made Remington smile and wish she would be more spontaneous like she used to be. She seemed so happy like this. Remington sat back after they finished, "Laura you truly are a remarkable woman."
"Why Mr. Steele," Laura replied as she rose from the table, "that may be the nicest thing you have ever said to me." She continued her contagious laughter as she carried her plate back into the kitchen. Remington followed behind her and handed her his plate, which she placed in the sink with hers. She turned back around to face him. "What's next Mr. Steele? I provided the food now you provide the entertainment."
Remington took a step closer to Laura and put his arms around her waist, "oh I don't know Laura, a movie perhaps? Or we could continue with your storytelling about the long lost Laura Holt."
Laura could smell his sweet cologne, closing her eyes "I'm tired of talking. Let's finish the wine in the other room." She leaned into him for a short kiss.
"Lead the way." Laura left the kitchen with Remington in tow. She sat down on the couch as Remington placed the bottle on the coffee table. He then dimmed the lights and switched on the television. Laura was already filling their glasses again when Remington sat down beside her. They sat in silence for a few minutes when Laura turned to face Remington.
"These last few days have really made me rethink a few things." Laura finished her glass and placed it on the table.
"Such as?" Remington replied placing his empty glass on the table.
"Maybe I do miss the old Laura. I mean not enough to let her come out again permanently, but maybe enough to let more of her through when I can."
"I can't argue that Laura. I love to see you so happy, so alive. It's absolutely contagious. I feel like I am seeing a part of you for the first time." He reached his hand up to brush her hair away from her forehead. "It's amazing."
Laura looked into his eyes and studied his face. She loved his cocked smile, and they way he looked at her, deep into her, made Laura very happy. She leaned into him and kissed him softly. She began to move her lips around his face. She kissed his jaw line and Remington let out a soft sigh. He could never get enough of her lips. Remington took Laura’s head in his hands and found her lips. He kissed her eagerly. She parted her lips and he pressed his tongue between her teeth. He felt Laura smile as he began to trace his tongue over her lips. They both broke and began to laugh.
"This is nice" Laura said and placed her forehead against Remington’s.
" I agree." Remington took her hands in his.
"You know Laura, I Haven't felt this good in a long time. Being with you these last few years have been the happiest of them all. I know I usually like to avoid these conversations but somehow tonight, right now, I feel closer to you than I have ever felt to anyone."
Laura closed her eyes and tried to keep back a tear. "I feel the same way. Why do we always dance around us? Is it me? Is it us?"
"I don't know luv but we can do something about it now, eh. We can talk. We can laugh. We can cry. We can just sit here all night like this if you like. I just want to be here with you tonight. I want you in my arms like this when I fall asleep tonight." Remington tilted Laura’s head up so he could look into her eyes.
"I think I would like that very much."
"Which part?"
"All of it." They both smiled and wrapped up in a hug.
"Oh Laura you have no idea how happy you make me."
"Half as happy as you make me?" Laura broke the embrace and stood up. She put her hand out and Remington took it standing himself. "Let's have some fun." Laura smiled a devilish smile and turned to go into Remington’s bedroom taking him with her. As they entered Remington spun Laura around. "What kind of fun eh Miss Holt?" He bent down to kiss her. "This kind maybe?" He kissed her again. Laura began to aggressively kiss him back, moving her hands around his back pressing him closer to her body. As the kiss deepened, Laura let her hand wander to his waist where she began to playfully tug on his shirt pulling it out of his pants. She didn't get very far because Remington, without breaking their kiss, scooped her up under her legs and carried her the short distance to the bed. He reluctantly broke their kiss as he gently laid her down on her left side onto the bed. He laid down on his right side beside her. One arm supporting his head, his left toying in Laura’s hair.
" I have wanted this for so long." Laura said after a few moments of silence. Even though she was content to just lay there looking at him all night, as she was sure he was content with the same.
"Oh luv, I have wanted this too. How many nights I have dreamed of this, you in my bed with me. Even fully clothed I feel satisfied just knowing you are here beside me." Laura took her right hand and pulled Remington close and kissed him with a passion she thought was long gone. She rolled over onto him and began to unbutton his shirt. When she finally had all the buttons done she opened his shirt and ran her hands through his soft, silky chest hair. He felt so soft under her touch. Laura felt so comfortable with him that she absolutely knew what she wanted tonight; him. She had none of the reservations she usually had, didn't need to hear those three words. She felt like this was the only right move she had made in ages. She was in control of her destiny, their destiny. Tonight was the night. Lost somewhere between thought and passion, she began to lightly touch his bare sides. He began to laugh at the sensation of the sweet tickling torture.
Remington began to remove Laura’s shirt and eased it over her head. He marveled at how beautiful Laura looked in her red silk bra. Slowly he began to trace the outlying areas of her breasts. Laura giggled almost uncontrollably. Even slower Remington moved his hand to the middle between her breasts and raised his head up to unclasp it with his teeth. Laura threw her head back and laughed at the sensations of his hair between her breasts and his hot breath on her skin. It was almost too much. Remington let out a little playful growl when he succeeded in opening her bra. He leaned back against the pillow and smiled at Laura then moved his hands to uncover her chest sliding her bra off her body. He let both his hands cover her, gentle teasing her nipples.
Laura moaned and leaned in to kiss him. He had other ideas as she gently pushed Laura up and off him. He rolled over her and was half laying on her while he let his hand slide down the center of her body to rest on the top of her pants. Again he slid his hand back up her center making sure his pressure was so light she laughed at his tickling touch. "Are you trying to drive me crazy?"
"Why not? You have driven me crazy for years." Remington moved his hands back down to Laura’s jeans. He unbuttoned and unzipped them and began to run his hand down to feel the top of her panties. "God Laura I have wanted to feel you like this since I first time I laid eyes on you. Do you know what you do to me?"
"Let's say I have a good idea." she replied as she brushed her leg against his erection. "I wish I could give you a good reason why I waited so long for us to do this." She closed her eyes as she spoke as Remington moved his fingertips to lightly brush underneath her panties "I guess I was afraid."
"Afraid of what?" Remington continued playing with his hand and kissing her body.
"Afraid of letting loose, of being open with you and with myself. I was afraid I would enjoy it."
Remington licked from her navel to the valley between her breasts and looked into her eyes. "That's the point Laura. Two people who care for each other should enjoy each other. No need to be afraid of that." He began to nibble at her neck as he ever so slowly moved his hand lower to slide his finger just between her folds. Laura closed her eyes and let out a huge breath.
"I…" Laura began having difficulty breathing evenly "see…" she was having trouble talking as Remington lightly brushed her clitoris with his middle finger "oh…" Remington was south of her clitoris now and just letting his finger go between her lips spreading her wetness " I miss …the old…me." Laura tensed just a little as she felt his finger begin to draw a tiny circle around her vagina. It had been so long since a man touched her there…anywhere.
Remington felt her tension. "Ahh dearest Laura, I know you are enjoying this, relax." Steele looked at her face. He thought for a second "Am I hurting you luv?"
"God no…" her breath ragged. "It has just been so long since…"
She opened her eyes to look at him. "Since I….let a man… well since I have even wanted a man. I want you so much. I want to feel all of you next to me, in me." Laura kissed him again. Remington finally slid on finger into Laura and she gasped into his mouth. He slowly explored her mouth and her warm southern region, moving his tongue in the same direction he moved his finger. He broke the kiss so he could watch Laura enjoy herself. He slowly fingered her in and out and occasionally let his thumb brush by the most sensitive area on her entire body. Each time he did she brought her hips up off of the mattress. She tried to kiss him but he pulled away so he could study her reactions. He tried to put his index finger in also but her jeans were too tight. He pulled his finger out and began to pull off Laura’s pants, underwear and socks leaving her naked. He scanned her body but went directly back to his previous actions.
"Oh I love this" Laura barely spat out.
"So do I Laura, so do I." Remington had two fingers in Laura now and he closed his eyes briefly to help his sense of touch. She felt so soft and warm, so perfect. He quickly opened his eyes. He just couldn't stop looking at his beautiful Laura. Just when he thought he had Laura close to her edge, she suddenly sat up and forcefully pushed him off her. His worst nightmare was coming true. Laura Holt going from red-hot to icy cold in zero point two seconds. He was mistaken however because she was feverishly unbuckling his belt. She had his pants down in no time along with his underwear and socks. By now they were positioned diagonally in his bed. Laura reached on the floor for something and came back up with Remington’s belt.
Remington’s head was spinning so fast he had no idea what Laura was doing. "Now it's your turn to enjoy it." Laura took Remington’s hands and placed them together. She quickly wrapped his belt around his wrists with the efficiency of an experienced rodeo cattle roper. Once she had his hands sufficiently secured she raised them over his head and slid them down the top left bedpost. Remington was stunned. No woman had ever had him in bondage before, he had never wanted a woman to. But Laura was different. He trusted her, and yes he even loved her. A smile crossed his face as he thought about what was going on. "Do you trust me?" Laura hovered over his face.
"More than anyone or anything in my life Laura." Their eyes locked and at that moment they both knew each loved the other. Laura smiled and bent down to kiss Remington. He returned her kiss and instinctively went to wrap his arms around her but his arms went nowhere. "You are a minx, Laura."
"It only gets better." With that Laura began to kiss her way down his body spending time to suck on his nipples until she thought he was going to squirm his way out from under her. She continued down his belly then licked and blew hot air around his navel. Remington moaned her name. He was completely at her mercy and she was incredibly turned on by controlling the events. She began kissing his thighs and his leg began to twitch. Finally she let her hot breath touch his shaft. He almost jumped straight up and would have too had he been able.
"Jesus Laura." She laughed at the fact he was so excited. She studied his member while contemplating what to do next. She wanted him inside her more than anything but knew that this night they would eventually make love. She wanted to do everything with him. She wanted them to be one. She slowly ran her tongue around the tip of his penis, tasting him for the first time. She began to let her mouth drop down around his shaft and she lightly touched his testicles with her hand. She began a rhythm with her right hand and mouth on his penis and let her left hand caress his balls. Remington began to make sounds Laura had never heard from him before. "Lau-…" he couldn't finish because his breath kept catching in his throat. "Oh…."
Laura continued going down on him. She loved the way he felt in her mouth and under her hands. She knew he was close because he moved his hips into her face in time with her strokes. She felt him tense up and knew he was on the verge. Suddenly Laura felt a warm liquid in her mouth and Remington stopped moving as he moaned her name over and over. She swallowed all of him and began to kiss her way back up his sweaty torso. She straddled his body nuzzling his neck until his breathing returned to normal. She kissed him lightly and he slowly opened his eyes. "Oh..my..God. Christ Laura."
Remington looked at her. Laura had never seen such love in anyone's eyes like this before. Certainly not in anyone's eyes she had bedded.
Laura leaned down to kiss his chin tasting the saltiness of his skin. She continued to his mouth where she began to kiss him lightly, then deeper. Soulful kisses that Remington returned in full. Laura broke away to return to his neck. "Laura, let me go. I need to touch you."
Laura chuckled, "Not yet. There is still so much to do." She continued down his body.
"Please," he shut his eyes, "you are driving me mad woman." He began to squirm a bit.
"I want you so much Remington." she replied between kisses.
Remington sighed and smiled. "My name, you said my name Laura." After hearing her use his name for the first time Remington instantly became aroused again. "The name you gave me." Laura had given Remington so much in the years he had known her but a permanent name was what he cherished the most, up until now. Now she was to give him everything he had ever wanted. And everything she had ever wanted as well.
Laura was continuing down his happy trail when she pleasantly noticed that he was again ready for her. Laura, still straddling Remington took him in her hand. She carefully placed him at her entrance and was prepared to sink down on him. Instead she placed the tip of his penis at her opening and moved her hips slightly, teasing him. Remington looked at her and realized that shortly the woman he had wanted more than any other in his lifetime was about to be his and his alone.
Laura smiled coyly, "Do you want me?" She leaned down to be centimeters from his face. The lower part of her body still teasing him.
Remington was bombarded all at once. Her wetness, her heat, her heart were soon to be his. "Yes." he whispered. With that Laura let her body begin to slide down his shaft. With only the head inside her Laura threw her head back and moaned. She was so tight even her wetness wasn't helping her lower herself farther. She wanted to shove her body weight down in one move and take him whole but she knew the pain of that might interfere with the pleasure and God knows she wanted to feel only that.
"Slow is fine Laura, I have waited this long, I can endure this sweet torture for as long as you need to adjust. " Laura smiled. He did understand. No one had understood her so well. Slowly Laura sank down another inch or so. She was becoming even wetter now and that helped tremendously. "You are so hot," Remington couldn't believe the heat emanating from her onto his penis. Almost like she was on fire. The sensation was something he had never felt before. "So wet". Laura took him in farther. "God". Finally she sank all the way down on him. Feeling this Remington looked up to her. She was staring at him and then their mouths met. The kiss was deep, with their tongues dueling but they both remained still while Laura contracted her muscles to grip his penis. Remington’s eyes shot open and he groaned his pleasure.
"I'm ready," she whispered. She sat up straight on him and began to move ever so slowly. The sensation Remington felt was unbelievable. The fact that he couldn't touch her was incredible. He was her prisoner now. He was at her mercy. This made him more aroused than he had ever felt, like he was a teen again. Laura had now extended her arms behind her leaning back so he could feel her entire space inside. She continued moving up and down on him trying to get him to hit in all the right places. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of him inside her. She was terribly close already but knew she needed more to release herself. Finally she leaned forward and was again close to his mouth. They kissed between thrusts. With her at this angle Remington could move his hips into her easier. She pushed her hips down hard on her down stroke. This way her clitoris made contact with his pubic bone and added to her stimulation tremendously.
Soon they had matched each other's rhythm. A rhythm so incredible that neither could speak. They communicated solely through their actions. Laura had quickened her pace now. She instinctively knew that Remington was close to coming. As much as she wanted to rise up again so she could touch herself she stayed low and continued to frantically bring them both to their ends. Suddenly they both stopped moving and looked into each other's eyes. Laura’s muscles were involuntarily contracting around his penis that was simultaneously erupting into her body. They both came at the same instant. When it was over Laura collapsed onto Remington’s body. Breathing heavily he began to kiss her ear. It was the only thing he could reach. Laura lifted her hips off of him and he fell out of her. She reached up and undid the belt and freed his hands with what little strength she had left.
Remington quickly took Laura in his arms. "That was utterly fantastic." He kissed her forehead. He held her like he was holding her for the first time. Maybe he was, this was a new Laura and Remington after all. They had done the deed so to speak. They were finally each other's.
"Incredible. You were incredible." She kissed the side of his face.
"No Laura," he raised up on his left side to look down on her. "It was you who was incredible. It was all you. I was merely your toy to play with." he smiled.
"You have no idea how long I had fantasized about doing that to you." she let her left hand stroke his back. "About how you would look, how you would feel. I just wish I had done it sooner."
"Mmm agreed, but it was much sweeter this way. All the waiting is moot now. We were meant for this Laura, we were meant to be together. I have wanted nothing more."
"I have never felt so complete, so satisfied. So tired." Laura began to laugh at the reality of her eyelids closing. Remington laughed also. They would sleep soundly, then wake up and make love again, he was sure of that. He was never letting her go now. He lay back flat and Laura wrapped her body around his and settled her head on his chest and covered their cooling bodies up. They matched heartbeats, they matched breathing, and soon both had drifted off to sleep.

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