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THE SPY WHO LOVED US   April 7 2002

LIVE AND LET LIVE  April 7 2002

Bond in Spain April  April 4 2002

 John Cleese 'enjoyed working on new Bond film'
John Cleese says working on the new James Bond film has been "terrific fun."
Cleese has taken over the role of Q in Die Another Day from the late Desmond Llewelyn.
He says he likes director Lee Tamahori and that he "always got on" with Pierce Brosnan.
"He's a very clever actor," Cleese tells www.canoe.ca.  "He's fascinating because when
 you're working with him he seems to be doing nothing at all, but then you see him
on-screen and he's fantastic."

 4 APRIL 2002
Still reeling from her historic triumph at this year’s Academy Awards, Best Actress winner Halle Berry has just arrived in the Spanish city of Cadiz, along with Pierce Brosnan, to film scenes for the latest James Bond film. In the up-coming instalment, called Die Another Day, the south-western Spanish town doubles as Cuban capital Havana, with Bond on the trail of a traitor.

Halle, standing alongside 48-year-old Pierce at a packed press conference, said working on the movie will only “add shine to my Oscar”. The actress, who plays a baddie, also said that she had yet to come to terms with what it meant to win Hollywood’s most prestigious acting gong. The 33-year-old actress picked up the award for her portrayal of a death row widow in the crime drama Monster’s Ball. Halle is the first black performer in the 74-year history of the Academy to scoop the accolade.

Pierce, who recently injured himself during filming, took a well earned rest and spent his first morning in Spain on a tour around the Andulsian capital of Seville with his family. The Irish actor said he was delighted to be in Spain. He also confirmed that in this instalment of the Bond series the British secret agent once more drives a “spectacular” Aston Martin.

The cast and crew of the new film have just completed its traditional scene-setting opening segment of the movie. The movie begins with a grizzled Bond – sporting shoulder length hair and beard – escaping across the demilitarised zone between North and South Korea. The filming actually took place a little closer to home, however, just outside the English town of Aldershot in Hampshire.

After wrapping in Spain, filming will continue in Iceland and Hawaii, with additional scenes being filmed in Cornwall, England. Die Another Day is due out in the UK and US in November.

 James Bond shooting relocates to Spain
Filming on the latest James Bond movie has moved to southern Spain.
Best Actress Oscar winner Halle Berry has teamed up with 007 Pierce Brosnan for shooting in Cadiz.
The 20th Bond adventure is called Die Another Day.
Filming of a spectacular beach assault scene - thought to be the opening sequence of the movie - has already taken place at Holywell Bay beach near Newquay, which was transformed into a North Korean battlefield by the movie's special effects team.
The film crew, minus Brosnan, have also shot scenes featuring co-star Toby Stephens at the Eden Project near St Austell.
Story filed: 09:14 Thursday 4th April 2002

3AM special from the set of the new James Bond movie

Suave, debonair and almost unreasonably handsome, Pierce Brosnan spent the day with 3am yesterday.

And the charming actor soon proved why he's exactly the right man to play sophisticated super-spy James Bond.

Nothing fazes Pierce.

Life has thrown more than a few slings and arrows in his direction. And as he starts his fourth 007 movie, he's once more working against the backdrop of a distressing real-life family drama.

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His son Chris is recovering from a drink-and-drugs binge that almost claimed his life.

It was two weeks ago when the 29-year-old film producer collapsed and was rushed to hospital after downing a lethal cocktail of alcohol and the mind-bending steroid GHB.

His life was saved by doctors at St Mary's Hospital in London who coaxed him back to consciousness. He was one hour from death.

Ever the professional, Pierce is all smiles when he welcomes us on to the James Bond film set near the Spanish town of Cadiz.

But it's not long before Brosnan the movie star gives way to Brosnan the extremely worried father as he warns us about the downside of parenting.

We inquire how his wayward son is faring. "It's nice of you to ask," says Pierce, talking publicly of Chris's problems for the first time, "he's doing great now."

Referring to drugs, he slowly shakes his head as he adds: "It's the scourge of our times. But I'll tell you, girls, this parenting lark is not an easy business. Just wait until you have sprogs of your own."

Amid the clutter and bustle of a busy shoot, this is an extraordinarily private moment. But it's not difficult to understand why Brosnan, 48, can so quickly become lost in his thoughts.

Chris served seven months in London's Wormwood Scrubs prison for driving while three times over the legal limit.

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 Which former Bond was shaken but not stirred after his reign as the world's best-known superspy came to an end? He's hardly worked as an actor since his days as the dashing 007 - but became a multi-millionaire thanks to a series of shrewd land deals.

And only a week before Chris's latest traumatic episode, Pierce was at the hospital bedside of his younger son, 18-year-old Sean, who suffered a stomach injury while working out in the gym.

Sean has also been suspended from his public school after attacking another pupil.

His beloved first wife Cassandra died of ovarian cancer in 1991, aged 37.

But here with his second wife Keely Shaye Smith and their two young children, there's an air of optimism about Pierce as he gets excited about the new Bond adventure, Die Another Day.

He said: "This movie's going to be fantastic, but I don't want to give too many secrets away. You're just going to have to wait for it to come out, but my co-stars are fantastic and the action is phenomenal."

Meanwhile, Brosnan hinted that this may not be his last Bond movie.

He tells us: "I'm doing another Bond and at this moment I haven't said no to doing the one after that."

Sources say that while Brosnan loves playing Bond, he wants to go out on top.

A source told us: "Pierce privately feels that perhaps Roger Moore made one too many Bond films and he wants to stop before he starts to look tired."

While film-makers had been expecting glorious sunshine, as soon as Brosnan arrived on set it started raining.

But ever the gentleman, he did his best to warm us up by giving us huge bear hugs and rubbing away our goose bumps. But we're not sure they were strictly down to the weather.


Ok, we admit it. Even 3am girls can get a little star struck from time to time.

Especially in the presence of someone as breathtakingly good looking as Pierce Brosnan.

But - as old hands at this game - we do our best to act cool as the great man approaches.

However, the delightful Mr Brosnan does nothing to hide his utter excitement over his assignation with Britain's best-known gossip queens. Arms out wide, the actor rushes across the set declaring: "Hi girls...you're just so famous!"

"You're no slouch yourself," we almost reply.

A genuinely funny man, Pierce laughs and pokes fun at our increasingly high profile.

Impressed to the core, the modest star has just heard about us achieving the ultimate showbiz accolade - a major article in the prestigious American magazine, Vanity Fair.

"I keep reading about you girls," he says.

"You seem to be having so much fun. Congratulations on your success." It's time for some serious advice from an old-stager who knows the fame game like the back of his hand.

"Who's your publicist?" he asks as we shake our heads like a couple of lambs to the slaughter.

Pierce is surprised that we have no one to handle the firestorm of interest surrounding the 3am phenomenon.

"If you haven't already got one," he says. "Now's the time to hire somebody.

"Trust me."


We mean no disrespect, but very few Bond movies can boast an Oscar-winning actress as the leading lady.

Even Pierce can't seem to believe his luck that Halle Berry is to appear alongside him in Die Another Day.

The couple have filmed some extremely racy love scenes - so racy they were shot out of sight of Halle's husband Eric Benet and Pierce's wife, Keely Shaye Smith.

He tells us: "Just wait till you see the bedroom scenes. I started out on top, the next minute she was on top.

"It's a great thing - Halle is such a convincing actress." Hmmm.

Meanwhile, Halle and Eric, who are staying at the £250-a-night royal suite at Tarador Atlantico, made sure they dined at Cadiz's finest restaurant - the Michelin-starred El Faro.

Halle told us: "I'd heard that Cadiz has some amazing fish dishes so I'd been dying to try some."

She ate shrimp fritters, deep fried sea anemones, marinated dogfish and the eggs from raw sea urchins.

We hope the meal didn't leave her shaken or stirred.

 James Bond's never been snubbed by a lady - until now.

Cadiz mayoress Teofila Martinez - the Spanish equivalent of Margaret Thatcher - was asked if she wanted a cameo role. But she politely declined.

Pierce told us: "This is the first time I've been turned down by a woman, which is a shame. Bond has a reputation with the ladies to keep up, you know."


At 48, and with probably two more Bond movies to go, Pierce Brosnan could be forgiven for fearing he'll enter the record books as the oldest 007.

But he need not worry - veteran actor Roger Moore was an incredible 57 when he finally stopped flashing his licence to kill.