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EVELYN will be part of the
Toronto International Film Festival.
It's a Special Presentation Monday
September 9th at 7pm in the
Visa Screening Room.






Desmond Doyle: Pierce Brosnan
Nick Barron: Aidan Quinn
Bernadette Beattie: Julianna Margulies
Michael Beattie: Stephen Rea
Thomas Connolly: Alan Bates
Evelyn Doyle: Sophie Vavasseur
Wolfe: John Lynch (Senior Counsel, represents the Irish Gov't)
Maurice: Hugh McDonagh (Evelyn's brother)
Dermot: Niall Beagan (Evelyn's younger brother)
Henry: Frank Kelly (Evelyn's grandfather)
Charlotte: Mairhead Devlin
Mrs. Daisley: Eileen Colgan
Sister Theresa: Marian Quinn (manager of St. Joseph's Orphanage And Industrial School where Evelyn is sent)
Sister Brigid: Andrea Irvine (Evelyn's nemesis)
Sister Felicity:Karen Ardiff (the good nun who befriends Evelyn)
Father O'Malley: Bosco Hogan (the local priest)
Hugh Canning: Brian McGrath (popular radio and Irish Times reporter, sympathetic to the Doyle's plight)
Justice Ferris: Conor Evans (Lead judge of the High Court)
Logan: Alvaro Lucchesi (from The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children/SPCC)
District Judge: Garrett Keogh (of the Metropolitan Childrens Court)
Usher: Stuart Clark (Childrens Court usher who entertains the Doyle children at the proceedings)
Brother Eustace: Daithi O'Suillebhain (Boys orphanage)
Fergal: Des Braiden (owner of Fergal's Pub where Bernadette is employed)
Mary: Sorcha Herlihy (Evelyn's friend at the orphanage)
Annette: Lauren Carpenter (Evelyn's friend at the orphanage)
Cathy Gilhooly: Gail Fitzpatrick (Michael Beattie's secretary)
Minister of Education: Mark Lambert
Sean: David Monks (classmate of Evelyn's brothers at Kilkenny Industrial school)
Justice McLaoghlin ; Alan Barry (a judge of the High Court)
Justice Hall ; Eamon Rohan (a judge of the high court)
Owen O'Leary: Mick Nolan (local bookie who donates his winnings to the Doyles cause)

Based on a true story
Screenplay by Paul Pender
Directed by Bruce Beresford
Starring Pierce Brosnan

Ireland, 1953. When Desmond Doyle's philandering wife, Charlotte, deserts her family on the day after Christmas, her abrasive mother reports the abandonment to the authorities. The Catholic Church and the Irish courts decide that a 1941 law mandates that the three Doyle children, nine year old Evelyn and her two younger brothers, Maurice and Dermot, be put into Church-run orphanages. During that time Evelyn and her brothers suffer the abuse of living in such orphanages.
Desmond attempts to retrieve the children with the help of the feisty barmaid he has befriended, Bernadette Beattie, and her solicitor brother Michael. When the Church and courts refuse to give the children back, a visiting Irish born lawyer from America, Nick Barron, agrees to help with the case. Nick drafts his old mentor, Thomas Connolly, a famously colourful retired barrister who relishes the idea of taking on his old foes on the Irish High Court, headed by Senior Counsel Wolfe. Nick also recruits Hugh Cannon, a popular radio broadcaster too take up the cause.
Against all odds, but with the support and encouragement of his fellow countrymen as well as people around the world, Desmond and his legal team do what has never been done before - challenge the constitutionality of a law before the Irish Supreme Court. No one is spared, including little Evelyn, in a final attempt to reverse Ireland's Family Law and reunite a father with his children.



Spoilers & pics from Brosnan's Evelyn...

Evelyn is a movie close to Brosnan's heart

Irish Dreamtime News

Brosnan confronts childhood demons

Evelyn beckons Margulies

"Evelyn" to be Brosnan's next flick
Brosnan's next Dreamtime project

Fr. Jack to star as Bond's Dad...

21-11-01 news
 Fr. Jack to star as Bond's Dad...
Channel 4 Father Ted Nemeses Fr. Jack, aka Frank Kelly, is to star as Pierce Brosnan's Dad in his latest movie Evelyn.
It has been reported in Irish tabloids that the veteran Irish actor is to star along side Brosnan's celeb filled cast including Stephen Rea and Aiden Quinn.
Frank joked to Ireland on Sunday "Once you've played James Bond's father, the only way is down."
And it's not the first time Kelly starred along side Brosnan, "I tried to blow his head off with a shotgun in an episode of Remington Steele and I was the publican in Taffin."

19-11-01 news  EXCLUSI VE  INTERVIEW
Pierce Brosnan Interview...
ShowBizIreland.com's Jason O'Callaghan interviews Pierce Brosnan from the set of his new movie Evelyn and quizzes him about Bond and other projects.
Will the new Bond be shot in Ireland?
Reports that parts of the Bond film will be shot in Ireland are just rumors, unfortunately Ireland will not feature in the next Bond film.
Will you ever move back to Ireland?
I keep dreaming about living here but never get around to doing anything practical about it. But, I am very happy to be back working in Ireland at the moment.
Why this script (Evelyn) and not one of the hundreds of others you get?
It was the script that attracted me. Then when Bruce Beresford got involved with his cinematic flare I just could not refuse.
But it is so far from Bond?
This is a little step away from the Bond. But Bond can also be a milestone around your neck. You have to step away from that as one can get pigeon holed so easily by it. You have got to stay on your toes as an actor and search for roles that can stretch you. And take you in a different direction. And this is a far cry from the world of Bond.
So, what is the secret with your Bond plans?
We finish here on December 17th and Bond starts shooting on January 13th with a short break over Christmas. Contractually that's it. They have me for three with the option for a forth and this is the option. I don't know where it's going to go after this. As for a fifth Bond, I'd like to do one - I've never really got them too tightly about a fifth.
Were you happy with the one's you have made?
I always think you do the best you can. They have been very successful.
Did you want to be Bond since you were younger or has it been more of a burden?
When I started out as an actor at 18 years of age I wasn't going out to be James Bond it just came along and I talked to the studio and I said yes. Then I could not get out of the contract with Remington Steele. So, it sort of lingered around and it finally came back and here I am. The most important thing for me is to enjoy what you ever you do. I enjoy playing Bond it's been great for my career and allowed me to set up my production company Irish Dreamtime. It's allowed me to come back and do The Nephew and Thomas Crown.
The role does leave you with a certain stigma or typecast?
I was trained as an actor to take up many roles and I like to think that I have some versatility but you do find with a role like Bond that you are nailed to the floor.
How does it feel to be the producer of Evelyn as well as its lead actor?
I have a very good partner in Beau St Claire. I just have the title of producer but I am an actor. But, when I put on the producers hat if there is such a job is to find the material, which we started doing five years ago. We started off making The Nephew with the late great Donal McCann. Now we have this great script and I sent it to Bruce who worked with me on a movie ten years ago in Nigeria and he took to it and here we are. That's how it differs.
What is the mission statement of your company Irish Dreamtime?
The intentions of the company being Irish Dreamtime is that we keep coming back to Ireland and make movies and find stories that touch me and hopefully be entertaining. We hope to work between here and Hollywood.
Do you like your character in the film Evelyn?
This story just moves me. The courage of Desmond Doyle and the truth of the man and the simplicity of the man. It was just a well-written story by Paul Pender and it just touched me as I tuned the pages we just worked on it and it got better and better.
Did you cast the movie?
The Hubbard's did the casting and they got everyone and I just said yes. Stephen Rea is one of my heroes. The material is good and the whole set is just relaxed it's great. It just works you have don't to push anything.
Is this in anyway a personal story?
There is no similarity between Desmond Doyle and me. Apart from both being Irish. But, I left when I was four and under different circumstances and I just liked the story cause it's was such good quality.
Do you miss James Bond?
It a good break from Bond but it is nice to go back to Bond.
Do you like making films here more then in Hollywood?
There is a great ease in the people here. And it's very comfortable making films here. Although sometimes the whether can be a bit of a thorn in your side but I have a need to come back as this is where I come from. Down the road in Navan, County Meath. I find it just a kick in the pants to come with my own company after the success of Bond.
When is Evelyn due out?
It's not a big film so it will be have to placed well as it would get lost in the summer blockbusters so I would say next autumn.
You have got a lot of criticism over the past two months for taking the script for Holding Fire, about the death of New York fireman. Can you clear up any of those rumors?
I know little about. It came to my company and through an executive in Hollywood. I have read an article that was not that negative but I don't know if we are going to make it or not.
Any plans for Thomas Crown Affair 2?
We have talked of Thomas Two. But I think Thomas One was good enough.
Do you have big plans for Evelyn?
I have high hopes for this film as I followed my own heart. I have enough fame and enough money and just want to get on with what turns me on like this film.

25-10-01 news  EXCLUSIVE
Spoilers & pics from Brosnan's Evelyn...
ShowBizIreland.com has the first insider information on the script of the new Pierce Brosnan movie currently being made in Ireland.
The movie, Evelyn, and is based on a true story. Sources close to the set of the movie being filmed in Dublin told us that in the film Aidan Quinn plays the role of a barrister who is asked by Stephen Rea's character, who is a solicitor, to help Brosnan win back his children.
Brosnan, we have already revealed, plays Desmond Doyle who lost his job and his wife and then had his children taken away from him by the Irish Government.
Pursuing his children Brosnan hires Rea and Quinn to get back his children from the Government but (SPOILER ALERT) as in Michael Collins and Legends of the Fall, Quinn's character and the leading man both fall for the same women. Which in this case is George Clooney's girlfriend from ER Nurse Hathaway, actress Juliana Margulies. She plays the women Quinn wants but she instead falls for Brosnan.
Filming is continuing until Christmas in Dublin. Evelyn is being made by Brosnan's production company Irish Dreamtime

 Evelyn is a movie close to Brosnan's heart
Pierce Brosnan has confirmed ShowBizIreland.com reports that he is to star in the Irish drama Evelyn, which has long been a pet project for him.
Evelyn, which will begin production next month in Dublin, is based on the true story of Desmond Doyle. He fought the Irish government and the Catholic church to overturn an outdated custody law and recover his four children after his wife ran off and he lost his job.
As a child Brosnan spent some time in the care of the Christian Brothers order when his single mother went to England to find work. She reclaimed him once she was settled. Brosnan, who will also produce the film, says it will be finished in time for the next Bond saga, which will be the 20th 007 adventure and the 40th anniversary of the series.

 From Screen Daily by Mike Goodridge
London. October 21, 2001
Overseas Filmgroup has acquired worldwide distribution on Agnieszka Holland's new film Julie Walking Home and has partnered with Pierce Brosnan's Irish Dreamtime to take on international sales on Bruce Beresford's Evelyn.Julie Walking Home, which is currently shooting in Holland's native Poland, stars Miranda Otto, Lothaire Bluteau and William Fichtner. It is the story of a woman whose husband has cheated on her who flees to Poland with her terminally ill son to seek the help of a Russian faith healer. Evelyn is currently shooting in Ireland with Brosnan in the lead role opposite Aidan Quinin, Julianna Margulies and Stephen Rea. United Artists has US rights. Set in Ireland in 1953, the film is the true story of a man desperately trying to retrieve his children from the care of the Catholic Church. Newcomer Sophie Vavasseur plays the oldest child Evelyn.

 Brosnan confronts childhood demons
Bond star returns to his Irish roots to film cathartic story that chimes with his own unhappy past.
by Nick Paton Walsh
Sunday October 14, 2001
The Guardian Limited Observer
He is better known as Her Majesty's last line of defence against international terrorism, saving the world before relaxing with a vodka-martini.
But now Pierce Brosnan, the current 007, is turning his hand to a film that many say mirrors his own troubled Irish childhood, in a story about a father seeking custody of his children.
Brosnan will this week start filming Evelyn, the true story of Desmond Doyle, an Irishman who battled against an outdated custody law to recover his four children after his wife ran off and he lost his job. The film will star Brosnan and ex- ER star Julianna Margulies. Doyle's story has been likened to Brosnan's unhappy early years. 'It's about as close to autobiography as he will want to get,' said one insider. 'It's a personal project.'
Brosnan, born in Navan, Co Meath, in 1953, recently revealed how he grew up not knowing his father, who left when he was an infant. He also had minimal contact with his mother, who went to England to work as a nurse. She returned twice a year to Navan, the village in southern Ireland where Brosnan stayed with grandparents. 'Because I was so solitary,' he said in a recent interview, 'and we lived on the outskirts of town, across the River Boyne, I was an outsider. An only child.'
When Brosnan's grandparents died, and his relatives no longer had room for him, he moved into lodgings. 'I was sent to live with a woman named Eileen, who had a place in a poor part of town. She had her own children and I moved upstairs with the lodgers, all grown men with jobs. One worked in the mill. One worked in a bank. The three lodgers stayed in a long room with iron beds with old mattresses. At the end of the room, there was my little bed, with a curtain around it, so the light wouldn't shine in when the older guys came home.'
Brosnan was taught at a strict school run by the Christian Brothers.
'[They] were dreadful, dreadful human beings,' he said. 'Just the whole hypocrisy. And the cruelness of their ways toward children. They were very sexually repressed. It was ugly. I learnt nothing from the Christian Brothers - except shame.' After three years he left for London in 1964, and became a commercial artist before working in theatre years later.
Insiders have suggested the story of Desmond Doyle, fraught with missing parents and unhappy, abandoned children, is a suitably cathartic project for Brosnan, connecting greatly with his past, without actually replicating its minutiae.
'The Doyle story has many resonances with Brosnan's own life,' said York Membery, his biographer.
'He's a private enough individual not to want to make a film that exactly mirrors his own difficult childhood. But there are elements in this story that he will strongly empathise with - the Irish setting, the troubled childhood, the absent parent, and the struggle for a son to be reunited with them.
'It's something he's been working on for a few years now, and it's not a film that's sure to make him rich. We can expect a highly charged, personal performance.'
The story of Doyle gripped Ireland and filled newspapers 30 years ago. Brosnan will co-produce the film with Beau Sinclair, and Bruce Beresford will direct. Filming of Evelyn, named after Doyle's daughter, begins today and Brosnan hopes to finish the scenes in time for his appearance in the lead role of the twentieth Bond film, scheduled to start filming in January.

 Evelyn beckons Margulies
Thesp inks to join Brosnan, Beresford on Cinerenta-financed pic
by Michael Fleming
NEW YORK -- Julianna Margulies has signed to join Pierce Brosnan in the Bruce Beresford-directed United Artists drama "Evelyn," with Aidan Quinn and Stephen Rea also negotiating for the film. The film is based on the true story of Desmond Doyle (Brosnan), who, after losing his job and watching his wife leave the country with another man, has his children taken away by an arcane custody law. Doyle cleans up his act and wages an unlikely legal battle. Margulies would play the woman who helps him regain custody. The film is financed by German-based Cinerenta, with Brosnan and his Irish Dreamtime partner Beau St. Clair producing with Cinerenta's Michael Ohoven. Paul Pender wrote the script. Since leaving her long run on "ER," Margulies most recently starred in the TNT miniseries "The Mists of Avalon" and Jon Robin Baitz's play "Ten Unknowns" at Lincoln Center. She is repped by WMA, AMG and attorney Michael Gendler. Quinn is repped by WMA and Rae by ICM.

 "Evelyn" to be Brosnan's next flick
Irish actor Pierce Brosnan will start shooting his last movie in Ireland before setting out to film Bond 20 film in January. The star left Ireland over the weekend after a week's recon mission on his new drama based movie, which we can exclusively reveal will be called "Evelyn."
The movie will start shooting in Ireland's Ardmore studious next month and will shoot up until December. The actor will star in the movie as well as produce the film with his company Irish Dreamtime. One lady looking for a role in the Brosnan's next movie, Bond 20, is the Irish superstar Samantha Mumba, who is currently looking for a new apartment in LA.
Speaking to the press this week Sam said, "I'm going to get a little apartment in LA. It's fun, the weather's beautiful, there are great beaches and the shopping's amazing. But, to be a Bond girl would be the ultimate, it really would. It's such a high profile and exciting job to land and I'd be the first Irish girl to do it, if I managed to get the part." Sam has obviously never watched A View to a Kill where Alison Doody played Jenny Flex and was actually the first Irish Bond girl... Sorry Sam.

 Brosnan's next Dreamtime project
Pierce Brosnan is on his way back to Ireland again but, thankfully this time it's not for another wedding. The original Navan man is due back to start work on a new film for his production company Irish Dreamtime.
Brosnan will shoot the film in Ireland over the next two months and will be finished before Christmas, as he has to start filming Bond 20 movie in January.
The yet untitled film will be a drama based on a true story and will be produced by Brosnan and his business partner Beau St Claire, the former girlfriend of the late great actor Donal McCann.
The actor has also (as we told you he would last month) given part of the HELLO! money from the pictures of his wedding in Mayo to charity.
Speaking exclusively to ShowBizireland.com from LA, Brosnan's close friend and publicist Dick Guttman said, "Pierce met the Dalai Lama and wanted to give something to the young of Tibet. He donated $400,000 to build a school there so the young can learn skills like metalwork." Brosnan himself said when he donated the money, "I was touched by the Tibetan people and their culture, which is surviving under great duress."
In the meantime another one of Brosnan's close friends from LA, the actor Scott Glenn, star of Silence of the Lambs and Vertical Limit is due in Ireland next month to shoot a new TV movie in Connemara.