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           Welcome to my Suite, er I mean SITE!     This site best viewed with your eyes closed


-Do you want Remington Steele on DVD?
-How about Noble House?
-EVELYN has a home!
-007 was gay!Pierce's "bio" set for re-release.
-Run don't walk to THIS or THIS another DAD trailer!
-Ace in the hole! DAD stills!

days 'til Die Another Day
Remington Steele Investigations Suite 1157 Updates:

i realize my site has become boring. Forgive me.
September 6 Re-did the Grey Owl page
September 6 Re-did one of the Remington Steele pics pages
September 7 Decided the scrolly thing on the left was annoying

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Open the door and come on in!
Mr. Steele will see you now      
Open the door and come on in!