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Home just what it says, home as in home page as in main page as in stop here first

Steele Here this is the Remington Steele main page on this page you will find:
                                     STEELE PICS  yeah pretty self explanatory, eh?
                                     FAN FICTION    my stuff, by me, for me           
                                      PREMISE OF STEELE   what the show is all about and then some
                                     SOUNDS OF STEELE   what does steel sound like? oh, STEELE, my              bad
                                     EPISODES OF STEELE episode guide nothing to write home about
                                     LINKS OF STEELE links to all that i deem kewl and necessary to the survival of the show

The Pierce Palace this is where life begins, well the life of the web page i mean. Like it states in the title, i could care less about his personal life, you may find a press release with his family mentioned or an errant pic  but not his cell phone number. Capice?

Sexiest Man Aliveyeah i knew that 20 years ago

New Bond Pics  i try to keep this as up to date as i can

FILMS these are his films, may include pics and/or reviews or just my fond memories

PIERCE IN PRINT mostly articles or press releases

PIERCE IN PICS  All kinds from all years

JANUARY PRESS CONFERENCE the press conference for Bond 20 Die Another Day

EVELYN NEWS pics and articles from the pre-DAD film

PIERCE'S ACTIVISM yeah i know this could be construed as personal life stuff but since i agree with a lot of it,  it stays.